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“Project ParkOUR” is the codename for the product being developed by members of the Software Engineering Incorporated team. It is a vehicle parking and registration program designed to assist the parking secretary, student, staff, security, and student life at Pensacola Christian College. The final product’s release name will be determined at a later time.
The parking secretary requested an application that would help with the registering and tracking of vehicles while eliminating the paper trail that currently defines the process. Users can register vehicles and choose parking spots for their cars. The program will be usable by the parking secretary, security, student life, and students. The application will be available both on and off campus the school's website.

ParkOUR is a web based program that is used by several groups of people. It allows students and other basic users to easily register their vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles for the new semester or make changes to their current information. Student life and Security have access to quickly view vehicle data and statistics to gather any information they may need. The Administrator is able to add, edit, delete, view data and statistics, verify information entered by other users, register any vehicles or equipment she may need to, and use many other tools and features which will be implemented.

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